New Website

Welcome to the new website of The Emerald Green. Besides bringing back the newsletter. The board has also decided to renew the Emerald Green website (user- friendly and modern look).

By-Laws (current)

Click here to find the current By-Laws (both Thai and English) including all the by land-office approved amendments up to and including EGM 18 of August 2018. Note: There have been some other versions distributed in the past. The Thai text was never changed, but the English text had some...

Newsletter August 2019

The monthly Newsletter is back every (first half of each) month and will be distributed by e-mail, published on this website and written in Thai and English. The Board of Directors have decided that this will increase transparency and it will also give more detail into what the Board has...

Drainage covers

In July 2019 the drainage have been cleaned according to the resolution of the last annual general meeting and afterwards the board requested a report from the contractor. In the report, it has been addressed that the concrete lids are in bad condition. The concrete drainage covers (thicker and therefore...


Khun Pete resigned from the Board of Directors @ 19 July 2019Khun Dale resigned from the Board of Directors @ 16 July 2019 The Board of Directors will continue with the remaining 5 people in the Board.

EGM – 15 June 2019

The Emerald Green Housing Estate Extraordinary General Meeting was held on Saturday, June 15th2019 between 09:00 and 11:00 at the Ibis Hotel, Hua-Hin. The Minutes of Meeting can be downloaded here

Resignations & New EGM

Khun Kalle resigned from the Board of Directors @ 19 May 2019Khun Heinz resigned from the Board of Directors @ 25 April 2019 Additional Board Directors will be elected in the upcoming EGM of 15 June 2019

AGM – 6 April 2019

The Emerald Green Housing Estate Annual General Meeting was held on Saturday, April 6th2019 between 09:00 and 12:00 at the Ibis Hotel, Hua-Hin. The Minutes of Meeting can be downloaded here

Main Entrance Barrier

Essential maintenance to the Estate entrance barrier is underway. A temporary barrier has been installed on the entrance side while the original one is sent for repairs.  We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience. 

Pest Trap Cage & Snaketong

A cage and snaketong are available in the Estate Office for catching any unwanted pests on your own property. For photos, please visit the Information page. Residents are responsible for disposing of any unwanted pests humanely and in accordance with the laws. Please return the cage or snaketong to the Estate Office in a clean...

Undelivered Mail

Some undelivered mail is being kept in the Office. The mail is usually undelivered due to the address being incorrect or incomplete. If you are expecting mail but have not received it yet then please drop into the Office to check

Entrance Gate Security

Due to the failure of the previous security company Khao Tao Pro has taken over and so far, there has been a significant improvement. Any feedback would be appreciated from all residents on the performance of the security team.

CAM Fees – 2019/1

It is time for the Juristic Person to collect Common Area Maintenance Fees in accordance with the Emerald Green Housing Estate By-laws. If you have not done so already, please make your payments as described on your invoice and notify the Office so you can be acknowledged as paid up.


Khun Boom resigned from the Board of Directors @ 1 December 2018.

Entrance Gate

Installation of the new automatic gate is complete. Key-cards will be issued from Monday 10th September and you can start to use your key-card immediately. Procedures are anticipated to be fully operational from Monday 17th September which means anyone without a key-card will be a visitor and will need to...

CAM Fees 2018/2

Presently there are a number of Members who are not paying Common Area Maintenance Fees. These fees are critical for the ongoing provision of services, utilities and maintenance of the Estate. They pay for such things as, street lighting, swimming pool maintenance, garbage collection, gardeners, cleaners, security, infrastructure repairs, etc....

Officially Registered

We have now officially registered as Emerald Green Housing Estate Juristic Person which means that we as the JP will not only have many things to do, but now finally can. More updates will be announced soon.


Today – December 21th 2016 – The JP of The Emerald Green has officially applied for registration at the Land Department. We received a check already of ฿853,128.57 Thai Baht from the developer. After these 30 days the JP of The Emerald Green will also receive the additional check of...


Today (15 Nov 2016) the developer as well as the Land Department visited The Emerald Green to inspect the state of The Emerald Green, and after the inspection (which has not been agreed with yet) the developer agreed to do the following: – Clean the drainage’s at plots 357/111, 357/117...